Information Technology

Information Technology is the study of the various interrelated physical and non-physical technologies used for the capturing of data, the processing of data into useful information and the management, presentation and dissemination of data.  Information Technology studies the activities that deal with the solution of problems through logical and computational thinking.  It includes the physical and non-physical components for the electronic transmission, access, and manipulation of data and information.

Topic links & overlap
It is important to note that there will always be a degree of overlap between topics.  Solution development is enabled by systems technologies in the form of application software.  Systems technologies allow for electronic communication.  Electronic communication technologies enable the Internet that is used for various applications which include information dissemination and electronic data interchange.  Data and information management is a key concept and secondary activity overlapping concepts in many other areas such as solution development and Internet technologies.  Data information management is enabled by systems technologies.  All ICT activities are primarily driven by human involvement, need and intervention, which in turn highlight social and ethical issues.

For example, when teaching Communication Technologies, one could incorporate the social implications involved.  This is also applicable to the Systems Technologies topic where the relevant social implications could be highlighted.
The curriculum is designed to introduce learners to the breadth of the field of Information Technology.