Core Mathematics


Some knowledge of Mathematics is required for almost every career, hence it is one of the most important subjects at school.  It is a subject which many students find very difficult, whilst others excel.

Although Mathematics has practical application in industry and commerce, the approach at school is normally more abstract and theoretical.  Logical, analytical and inductive skills are taught.  Every effort is made to make Mathematics enjoyable and easier to understand.

At Kloof High students may make use of Geometer Sketchpad on the computer, a dynamic Geometry package to investigate Geometry and Trigonometry.  Students are able to see for themselves a particular concept, making these difficult sections less abstract.

They also use the Autograph program that is able to produce instant, accurate sketches of the various types of graphs that are covered in the G8 to G12 syllabi.  Students find it easier to learn with such a powerful visual tool.

If a student is struggling with Mathematics, and is achieving less than ± 45% in Grade 9, it is inadvisable for the student to choose Core Mathematics in Grade 10.  In that case, the alternative choice would be Mathematical Literacy, a far less abstract branch of Mathematics.

It is very important that students and parents are aware of minimum entrance requirements for various faculties at Universities and Technikons.

Mathematics is a subject in which students can experience great pleasure or extreme frustration.  At Kloof High School, it is our primary aim that students will enjoy the subject.  The teachers strive to create a relaxed environment in which hard work, rewarded by success prevails.  It is important that the student realises the value of daily practice and revision.