The need for the creation of a climate of understanding and co-operation between the people of different racial groups is a necessity.  Most of the racial difficulties experienced in various places
stems mainly from the inability to understand and communicate effectively with people from other racial backgrounds.

Since isiZulu is the most widely spoken African language in South Africa, it is advantageous to learn it.  This will promote and develop a better communicative competence which will also entail learning about the culture of the Zulu people and the different ways in which they express themselves.

The other reason for studying isiZulu, particularly for those who do not speak it at home, is based on the increasing demand made by industry and commerce.  Often a working knowledge of the language is a prerequisite for employment.

At Kloof High School, isiZulu is offered as a 2nd language and we pride ourselves on outstanding results and the fact that we started teaching it even to the non-mother tongue speakers long before it was made compulsory by the Department of Education and Culture.