Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is a free service offered each afternoon, 3:00pm to 4:30pm

We provide:

  • supervised homework venue (Room 118)
  • peer-tutoring venue
  • Research facilities in the Media and Computer Centre
  • Extra tuition in most subjects according to a 10-day timetable (see programme)
  • An AV/Film Study – venue in the school auditorium
NOTE:  A member of School Management is on duty each day and formal registration is taken so that parents can check if their child has attended the Learning Centre.  Where a child is under-performing, the school may insist on attendance of the Learning Centre and this will be communicated to parents.
NOTE:  All booking of individual tutors is to be done in the Media Centre at least a day in advance.
Any queries:  Mr Holding (Head:  School Learning Centre)