Mathematical Literacy

This is a form of Mathematics that equips students with skills for daily life.  It makes Mathematics more fun, easy to grasp and more “hands on”.  Students have the opportunity to succeed and feel good about themselves when they see that they can DO Maths!

Topics include:

  • Budgets
  • Tax
  • Hire Purchase
  • Investments (interest)
  • Building plans and costs
  • Use of maps
  • Graphs – analysis and interpretation
  • Basic statistics, etc

Students are given diverse opportunities to build a marks profile – these include the formal component (Exams and Control Tests) and the informal component (Projects, worksheets, assignments, etc.).  This subject is concerned with teaching the student the value of working consistently, throughout the year, on their Continuous Assessment tasks, and not just “cram for exams”.

The subject material is designed for the student who:

  • finds Core Mathematics difficult.
  • does not require Core Mathematics for their chosen course of tertiary studies.

It is imperative that students who want to take Mathematical Literacy ensure that it is an acceptable FET subject for their proposed course of tertiary studies.

It is inadvisable to choose Mathematical Literacy if the student wishes to take Physical Science, Computer Applications Technology and/or Accounting.